Earlier this century (I actually can't remember exactly when; see below) Mary and I (mostly "I") started a portrait studio and shortly thereafter went out of business.

The whys and wherefores are both simple and complex.

   I got sick.

    I'm bipolar, but wasn't officially diagnosed until very late in life. I'm BP I, rapid cycling, with mixed moods (being high and depressed at the same time). In my case, I was apparently mostly hypomanic (not quite manic) for most of my life, and only hit real mania occasionally. And I was seldom badly depressed, and when it did come on it only lasted a short time.

The symptoms of mania/hypomania include (from WebMD)

Only three or more symptoms are needed to suggest mania, and I suddenly had all of them. There are other symptoms associated with mania, including hallucinations and memory loss. I had all these, too.

So I quit a job I'd had seventeen years and decided to open a portrait studio. Never even discussed it with Mary, just did it. Within a year I managed to burn through all our savings and retirement accounts. Mary said "We all thought something was wrong, but you seemed to be having so much fun." Haha.

Then I crashed, and crashed hard. My affect went to extreme depression, without lingering any time at all at "normal". Then I got high, then low, then high again. I was cycling over periods of a week or less and finally ended up staying in bed for over a week. That's when I told Mary to get me an appointment with somebody, anybody, before I went absolutely crazy.

Short story from there: I finally got diagnosed, treated, and now eat a small handful of pills every day to keep me close to normal, although I still get somewhat hypomanic and and a bit depressed.

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