I should have started this when I first began changing the site over to the new domain.

Initially, it was a matter of tearing out all the old cruft and simplifying template.html.

Now the fun begins.

2015-10-19 Ok, it took longer than I originally figured to add login authorization to the uploader program. At least I have a full-fledged uploader to repopulate the site. PHP is a b****: 2500-some built-in functions and some screwy naming conventions (or, lack thereof).

2015-09-27 That went well. The site has been totally converted to PHP; nothing fancy, just the basics, but it all works. The next step is to repopulate the pages. It should be easier now that I have an uploader.

2015-09-26 Have finished the image uploader. Now working on recreating the site around php. As I didn't know PHP when I started it should be a real treat.

2015-09-20 Can't believe I've neglected this thing for so long. Anyway, I worked about a week and added an image uploader, mostly for Mary's use to get some of her myriad snapshots on the site. For now it will be used in-house, on the household network only, but I will eventually put a demo of it on the site, so people can look over the source code and play with the software.

2014-04-28 Been away from the site for almost a month. Just haven't felt like doing much. Have been noticing the signs of hypomania lately, so there will probably be more changes. Finally got Mary's section of the site started and a few pictures up.

2014-03-26 Well, there were more mistakes than I first noticed. Hopefully, all those have been cleared up. Went back to Mary's pages and stripped out last names -- privacy concerns, you know. Finished removing corners from opening page portraits; next up: babies.

2014-03-25 Cleaned up and combined the css files. Then spent a few hours cleaning up all the mistakes.

2014-03-23 Finally got a new logo I can live with for a while. It looks too flat, but I can work on that later. Installed Bluefish, Kate, and Beaver. Kate seems more my type of editor so I'm going to use that.

2014-03-20 Finished Mary's templates and got two pages of old photos up. They still need captions, but, hopefully, Mary will type those out. Spent last evening studying spites and finding out they won't work like I need them to. You can't, it seems, use a particular piece of a sprite image, just specify where the image will be positioned under a viewport. And sprites can repeat in ONE direction, which seems sort of arbitrary to me.

2014-03-19 Cleared changelog.html by ripping out the entire album section and added this entry. Worked on Mary's section of the site.

2014-03-17 Overnight I figured out a way to add photo corners and still be able to use the image as a link (that was not possible before: the corners float in front of the image and block it from being a link).

The menu across the page gutter is still giving me problems. The idea is to center the gutter images in a gutter box, which was easy, then center a ul in that box, which was not really too hard, and then center the menu in the ul, which proved almost impossible. Along the way I wanted to use a nifty background pic for the il's, and make them all the same size.

It finally worked by using a negative left margin for thr individual li's, but that was a kluge. Then I set the horizontal padding to 0 for the ul and il's and suddenly it works without that ugly minus margin. Still had to juggle the margins. and vertical padding (which is strange because it's supposed to be using the box-border style, which should not change the height or width if the padding changes).

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